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The following tutorials from SPSS Inc., an IBM Company, are listed here to provide the viewer an opportunity to learn more about statistical analysis, data mining and predictive modeling. These tutorials can also be found on the company’s website at www.spss.com.

We are grateful to IBM SPSS for allowing us to link to these educational sources. It should be remembered that the company’s products are being showcased and that CRS is not recommending these software products. We do use most of these products in our work but a detail analysis of a user’s requirements and an evaluation of a vendor’s product capabilities should be performed before making any software product selection.

CRS offers requirements and vendor evaluation services should you be interested in investigating the market for these types of products. Contact Us for additional information about this service.

Statistical Analysis

Automatic Data Preparation

Profile Profitable Customers

Postal Codes

Predictive Modeling

Customer Churn

Additional Information

We hope you have found these tutorials educational. For additional information on how your company can get results from statistical analysis, data mining and predictive modeling, please click on the section entitled Data Mining and Predictive Modeling Services or Contact Us.